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Do I have a Med Mal case?

From: Corrine Stephens
Category: Medical Malpractice
Date: 28 Oct 2008
Time: 15:19:26 -0500


I went to the Franklin Hospital in March for a bunionectomy. Since I have been back and forth to the hospital for pain in my foot that I was led to believe wwould subside after the one time surgery. My health insurance is now cancelled I have no way of paying for further treatment and I am still in pain. I feel it could be something that went wrong with my surgery. My doctor's have not been direct with me about my current situation. They are say it is because of a complication stemming from the surgery.

Re: Do I have a Med Mal case?

From: Paul Ajlouny, Esq.
Category: Medical Malpractice
Date: 28 Oct 2008
Time: 15:29:23 -0500


Medical malpractice cases are extremely complex and depend heavily on the technical details of the case. From your description, it sounds like it is possible that you have a viable medical malpractice claim under New York medical negligence law. If you would like, you can email me at and provide more details regarding your current condition and the treatment you received. Please remember that this is not specific legal advice. It is merely a brief overview of general principles of New York personal injury law. It does not creat an attorney client privilege and should not be relied upon without further consultation with a qualified New York negligence attorney.


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