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Broken Traffic Light collision

From: Justin
Category: car accident


I was involved in a 2 car accident. I currently have an attorney working on my case. However I recently learned there might be a conflict of interest and I no longer feel comfortable proceeding with him. The accident was due to a broken traffic light that was reported as broken one day before. There was no one dispatched to fix it nor where there any officers dispatched to regulate traffic. I suffered dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, whiplash/ neck fracture, and laceration to the right side of my forehead. My children were in the car with me they also suffered injuries. The accident took place in Brooklyn, NY. I reside in Connecticut and was visiting family. Please respond quickly my lawyer tells me a statute is running however he isn't responding fast enough to put me at ease in the comfort of knowing that my claim is properly being managed. Answers You have a case sir. Let's keep this confidential. You can contact me at 718-233-3913. Ajlouny Injury Law successfully practices personal injury law specializing in car accidents.

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