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back problems from car crash

From: Robert
Category: Car Accident
Date: 15 Feb 2009
Time: 00:06:52 -0500


I recently got in a car crash. Other person was at fault. She jumped red light and blinsided me from the driver side, causing whiplash and misalignment in my spine and neck. I am going to therapy and I got 950 dollars for the 1990 lincoln towncar plus 250 for loss of use. I accepted the offer. I am going to therapy every day or 4 times a week. I had to buy a car and make payments on it. I was fine, my bills were fine before the accident. I had my instrument I was paying repossessed due to my missed payments. I am 18 years old, go to college and work part time working full time hours. My hours hvae been cut in half and I cannot pay for my bills. I am having dreams and pictures and of me crashing and the images I suffered in the accident. I cant sleep at night. I am planning to be a caoch or pe teacher and my abck wont allow me to do that anymore. I cant stand up long and I get tingling sensations on my neck. I cant stand for a long time or sit for a long time. I cannot do my job at work because it requires me to lift things. I dont care whether its 2000 dollars or 115000 dollars. I ned my back fixed. My lawyer seems a little slow in doing things. I need money and treatment right away. I am stressing on my bills and Im scared I cant pay them. Please help and let me know how much I can get based on this information. Thank you. GodbLESS YOU

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