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Have you suffered adverse reactions from taking administered prescriptions.

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Pharmaceutical companies makes astronomical profits moving one dangerous drug to another and putting all of us at risk of serious injury eve death. Pfizer, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, took in over $245 billion dollars from 2004 - 2008.

Another pharmaceutical company made $36 billion+ from the drug Zyprexa, also know as Olanzapine which is is used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia.

In the last 6 years, drug manufacturers have paid out $7 billion in fines, penalties and lawsuits — when you look at their profits in comparison to the hit in fines and penalties, that loss is nothing to these drug companies.

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The loss of lives and the adverse affects to millions of Americans doesn't seem to matter to these pharmaceutical companies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves an average of 24 drugs a year.

These drugs with 1- 2 years are on the recall list. Many of these drugs pose serious health risks and long-term side effects. At of course the expense of the American people.

Dangerous Drugs Out On The Market:

  • Diabetes drugs:Avandia and Actos.
  • Antidepressants: Paxil, Prozac, Effexor and Zoloft.
  • Birth-control pills: Yaz and Yasmin.
  • Acne medication: Accutane.
  • Cholesterol pill: Crestor.

If you have suffered side effects that range from birth defects and liver damage to suicidal behavior, blood clots, bladder cancer, Crohn’s disease, heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, from the use of  a prescribed or off the counter medication contact Ajlouny Injury Law New York personal injury attorneys for FREE ADVICE.

Our law firm only handles Personal Injury litigation ensuring the best possible focused legal services. When you have a serious personal injury, our attorneys take into account your physical injuries, mental state of mind, lost wages, recovery and rehabilitaion. At Ajlouny Injury law Law Offices, we know that your future depends on us. Lean on us and feel secure knowing that your medical and financial needs you incur from your serious personal injury will be taken care of.

* FDA Reported Possible Avandia Side Effects Include: Cough or cold headache inflammation of the sinuses back pain swelling or fluid retention.

  • Avandia associated with the drug Rezulin (WITHDRAWN FROM THE MARKET because of liver toxicity), has been known to cause serious liver injury, including liver failure leading to transplant or death.
  • Avandia combined with diabetes medicines, may run the risk of dangerous low blood sugar.
Have you or a family member taken the diabetes drug Avandia and suffered a heart attack or death?  Know your legal rights. Ajlouny Injury Law will advise you for free.