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Fell Down Escalator at Flushing Main St. Subway station

From: Diane
Category: Slip and Fall Accident
Date: 05 Feb 2008
Time: 09:48:42 -0500


I fell backwards down an escalator at Flushing Main St. subway station. I fractured my left collarbone and now I have to have shoulder surgery. I fell on June 25, 2007. Is there anyone liable for my injuries including my medical bills?

Re: Fell Down Escalator at Flushing Main St. Subway station

Category: Slip and Fall Accident
Date: 08 Feb 2008
Time: 10:49:27 -0500


The most obvious party that might be liable for your injuries in any slip and fall or trip and fall accident is the party in possession of the property where you got hurt. In this case it sounds like the New York City Transit Authority which, leases the subways from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Unfortunately, in order to bring a personal injury lawsuit against municipal entity like the Transit Authority, you must file a Notice of Claim within ninety days of the accident. It is possible to get permission from the court to file a the Notice late but, this is extremely rare and depends on the specific circumstances of the claim. However, their may be one or more other parties liable for your injuries. In this case, you may have products liability claim against the manufacturer of the escalator or a negligence claim against the party that services and maintains it. Please remember that this is not intended to be specific legal advice, just a brief overview of relevant New York personal injury or medical malpractice law. You should not rely on or act on this information without consulting with our office which, you should feel free to do at your convenience. Paul Ajlouny, Esq. Ajlouny Injury Law, P.C. 1-800-535-5029  

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