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Rear ended. What Next?

From: Jenna K
Category: Car Accidents


I was rear ended last night while driving my Dads car, what steps should I take next?.

I was rear ended after I came to a complete stop on the way home from hanging out with friends. The impact was so hard I ended up hitting the car in front of me. The driver who rear ended me admitted she was at fault. I ended up being transported to the hospital by ambulance. I felt dizzy shaken and weak. What steps should I take next? Should I let the claim be handled by the driver's insurance?


You've already started to do the right thing by getting FREE ADVICE from a New York personal injury attorney. You're definitely entitled to compensation.

1st Step: Report this to your insurance.
2nd Step: Seek immediate medical help.
3rd Step: File a claim through your own insurer.
4th step: If you are injured then hire a personal injury lawyer.
5th step: Do not give a recorded statement or speak to the at fault parties insurer.

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