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Fall At Work - Workers Compensation Denied

From: Kevin
Category: Slip and Fall Accident
Date: 17 Mar 2008
Time: 09:23:07 -0500


My wife had Slipped and fell at work and was taken by ambulance to hospital and has back problems and the employer says it is not a worker comp case and my wife has to see a specialist and can not. Any suggestions

Re: Fall At Work - Workers Compensation Denied

From: Paul Ajlouny,, Esq.
Category: Workers Compensation
Date: 20 Mar 2008
Time: 12:59:27 -0500


Sir: Whether an injury is compensable under worker's compensation is not a question for your wife's employer to decide. It is a question of law and fact which is governed by the relevant statutes dealing with worker's compensation. You should contact a reputable worker's compensation attorney (we can recommend one) who will be able to advise you as to your rights and guide you through the process. Please feel free to contact me privately to obtain the name of the attorney mentioned above. Please remember that this is not intended as comprehensive legal advice, nor is it intended to create an attorney client privilege. You should not act on this advice without further consultation with an attorney. Regards: Paul Ajlouny, Esq. Ajlouny Injury Law, P.C. 1-800-535-5029  

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