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pain due to slip and fall

From: nesirared21
Category: Slip and Fall Accident
Date: 10 Jun 2008
Time: 16:58:27 -0400


I had slipped and fell off my jobs stairs i work at Macdonald's i went to the hospital and they gave me pain killers but they did not take x-rays I am still in pain it's bin a week since the fall and i can't lay down on my back more towards my butt bone hurts it is painful to sit or lye down i cant lye down on it for more than 2 to 4 minutes cause the pain is extreme i am planning on going back to the hospital to demand an x-ray something is wrong with my lower back. What should i do? please give me some advise  

Re: pain due to slip and fall

From: Paul Ajlouny, Esq.
Category: Workers Compensation
Date: 11 Jun 2008
Time: 11:17:36 -0400


It sounds like your accident will be covered under worker's compensation insurance. All employers in New York are required to have such coverage in place. Many, less reputable companies, do not but, McDonald's is a sophisticated employer and in all likelihood, the franchisee you work for has worker's compensation available. You must act quickly to retain a worker's compensation attorney to protect your rights in this matter. There are deadlines that have to be met and complex issues that must be addressed. Please email me at Please remember that this is not intended to, nor does it create an attorney client relationship. It is merely a general discussion of legal issues and should not be relied upon without further consultation with our office. Regards: Paul Ajlouny  

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