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Child Abuse and Neglect

From: Ellen Jenkins
Category: Other
Date: 31 Dec 2008
Time: 14:58:28 -0500


I am having a problem with my child and her school. My child is being bullied on a daily basis at her school. She has had her hair cut, she has been shoved around, three teeth knocked out, they destroy all her belongings, her last fight was too violent for me to just speak to the school once again about it. She attends Connelly Center Education/Holy Child Middle School in Manhattan. I pay for my child to attend that school and asked them repeatedly to take more steps to ensure my childs safety due to her specific situations. For the last couple of incidents she was first brought to the school nurse who then checked her and sent her back to class a report was written out for the kids who assaulted my child and they were suspended. However this being an ongoing thing I feel more should be done. I took my daughter to her doctor and he states she has bruised ribs that he can't even treat because then she will colt so she has to heal naturally however she is in constant pain and her injury keeps getting reaggravated. with the abuse she enduring from her classmates. She has had her shoulder knocked out of place. I mean my daughter is a little difficult to deal with however she is not violent. There are no report of her abusing someone. I am in need of consultation.

Re: Child Abuse and Neglect

From: Paul Ajlouny, Esq.
Category: Other
Date: 08 Jan 2009
Time: 18:26:21 -0500


Bullying is serious problem and school officials, who stand in loco parentis (in place of the parents) during the school day have a responsibility to prevent it. Please call me to discuss this matter.  

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