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My child hit by a car

From: Kellie Jamieson
Category: Pedestrian Accident
Date: 13 Jan 2009
Time: 13:19:47 -0500


While walking on the street in East Meadow, NY with my daughter January 5, 2008, she threw a tantrum and got away from me. She ran into the street at a crosswalk while the light for traffic was red. My daughter was hit by a driver who was on her cell phone attempting to make the right turn. My daughter was brought to NCMU where she was treated for a fractured leg, multiple lacerations to her face, and a bruised rib. I am trying to get her < follow up treatment, bills paid through Medicaid however they are denying payment and stating that I need to speak to an attorney. The hospital gave me a referral for many doctors and those bills are also not being paid for. According to these offices my daughter has a lot more treatment and at least one more surgery to be done and I am overwhelmed with bills. Please advise me about how I can proceed. Emotionally distraught AAA.

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