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Multiple car motor vehicle accident

From: Albert Jenoni
Category: car accident
Date: 14 Jan 2009
Time: 15:01:20 -0500


I was involved in a motor vehicle accident driving on highway i495 in Patchogue when my car skidded on oil left on the highway after a truck accident involving an oils spill that happened 7 hours before. This happened April of 2004 The highway was only partially sanded (photos can be produced to substantiate). I slid but I did not hit any vehicles. Three other vehicles slid also all hitting my vehicle. I was rushed to ER with a collapsed lung, broken right leg and arm, a huge laceration to my face, herniated disc in my back. This case has already been put into suit with my current attorney. I am not understanding why my case is not open and shut and it is taking so long. I think they are giving me the run around and they are not working on it to the best of their ability. I am looking for new representation.

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