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Struck by scaffolding

From: Lionel Gregory
Category: Premises Liability
Date: 22 Jan 2009
Time: 12:39:36 -0500


I was struck by one of the poles from a scaffolding outside of the place I work. This happened in April of 2008. I have an open workers comp case as I was clocked in and on the job at the time of the accident. I am employed by NYC Limos < Car Service. This accident happened in NYC. The pole hit my right shoulder fracturing that bone and creating a deep laceration down my right side. I mean I have many medical claims stemming from this accident and I am barely make ends meet with the provision from Workers Comp. I am now worrying about when workers comp cuts me off as they are starting to give me problems. I would like to know if I can seek relief from somewhere else am I entitle to any other damages.

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