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Trapped in 4 feet of water in a basement of a building

From: Sona
Category: Premises Liability


Hello, Two weeks ago, I was trapped in an elevator that took me straight down to the basement, only to meet up with dirty water gushing from a water main break. I was trapped in 4ft of water, by the time 2 firefighters came to rescue me. From what they told me, was that they almost could not rescue me, because the electricity, and the gas was not shut off. I am 5ft 2 inches tall. The water was freezing, I could not swim. And I screamed for dear life. My question to you is. Who is responsible for the damages? The water company or the owner of the building? I can tell you this. Honestly speaking, I had just about given up, and I had accepted the fact that I would not make it out of the basement, by either being electrocuted or drowning. I was told that, by the time the water was shut off, it had gotten to 5ft of water in the basement. I ended up with a sprained foot, and bruises, and forever emotionally disturbed by this whole ideal. Please, help me with any advice that you can offer. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Sonia Sonia, I'm so sorry you went through this terribly frightening situation. First and foremost were you transported to a hospital after the firefighters were able to rescue you. What did the doctors say to you. What injuries did you suffer? Do you have pictures of your injuries? See now to better understand your injuries we would need to talk further. Ajlouny Injury Law protects your rights while you recuperate from your injuries. To be able to do this we would need to see your medical records and the police incident report. Let's discuss this further. Call 1-800-535-5029 to better be able to serve you? -Paul Ajlouny
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