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Back problems from car crash in New York

From: Robert
Category: Car Accident


I recently got in a car crash in New York. The police cited the other person was at fault. She jumped the red light and blindsided me from the driver side, causing whiplash and misalignment in my spine and neck. I am going to therapy and I got 950 dollars for the 1990 Lincoln town car plus 250 for loss of use. I accepted the offer. I am going to therapy every day or 4 times a week. I had to buy a car and make payments on it. I was fine, my bills were fine before the accident. I had my instrument I was paying repossessed due to my missed payments. I am 18 years old, go to college and work part time working full time hours. My hours have been cut in half and I cannot pay for my bills. I am having dreams and pictures and of me crashing and the images I suffered in the accident. I cant sleep at night. I am planning to be a coach or pe teacher and my back wont allow me to do that anymore. I cant stand up long and I get tingling sensations on my neck. I cant stand for a long time or sit for a long time. I cannot do my job at work because it requires me to lift things. I don't care whether its 2000 dollars or 115000 dollars. I need my back fixed. My lawyer seems a little slow in doing things. I need money and treatment right away. I am stressing on my bills and I'm scared I cant pay them. Please help and let me know how much I can get based on this information. Thank you. God bless YOU.


Robert, The personal injury claim process in New York can take some time. Especially when an insurance company is dragging it's feet. Your treatment should be covered under New York No fault. New York No-Fault insurance ensures that no matter who's at fault; your insurance company will pay up to $50,000.00 for the legitimate economic losses. I understand your frustration. I've seen it before where an individual like yourself assumes that an attorney is dragging their feet. I can assure you, a law firm like Ajlouny Injury Law, wants to WIN your case! Imagine a tennis game. One opponent hits the ball and gets ready for the other opponent to hit it back. That's exactly what this is a tennis game -- We play to win. the graphic below should give you an idea of the personal injury claim process. I assure you that no one is dragging their feet but the party that being sued!

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