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Fell Inside Convenience Store

From: nakeisha rashun tose
Category: Slip and Fall


Hello, I had a accident inside of a convenience store on 5/19. how the accident happened is that I was walking threw the store and the direction that I was going to it was a beer puddle some one broke a bottle of beer but anyway it was a caution sign located to the left of where the spill was it was behind some shelves'. I didn't see the puddle at the time so I continued walking and then I fell . I asked one of the workers why the caution sign was not bye the puddle she said she pushed it out the way because she was headed for a mop to get the mess up. she should have left it where the puddle was. but I went to the ER, but they did x-ray on my foot. It was swollen and I was in pain but the people at the er told me I was fine I asked would they wrap my foot cause of the pain they refused. My ankle is still sore and puffy. So I received a letter in the mail today saying that I need to return to the er as soon as possible because I got a Fracture of the Anterior Talus. what do I need to do?

Re: Fell Inside Convenience Store

From: Paul Ajlouny, Esq.
Category: Slip and Fall Accident


In order to win personal injury lawsuit like this, you have to prove that the store's employees either created the dangerous condition that caused the accident, that they actually knew about it, or that it existed long enough so that they should have known about it. Here, they clearly knew about it, because they started cleaning it up, but it appears they were negligent in moving the sign before getting started on the clean up. This sounds like a strong case, and you should contact us directly to discuss it further.

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