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Knee surgery to remove a foreign object and knee debridement

From: Wanda McCaney
Category: Medical Malpractice


I had a foreign object removal (questionable bone chipping and cleaning of debridement's. Surgery done as an outpatient, went home and two to three days began to have severe knee pain. Notified the CRNP no treatment or pain medication ordered. Around the 13th day post-op went to the emergency room with severe harsh jerking of the post-op knee. Leg immobilizer and tetanus shot given. Post-op surgeon visit with order to begin physical treatment, which gave no relief. Second visit orders for MRI and BONE Scan, results inconsistencies. Third surgeon visit to continue physical treatment, condition worsen. Knee surgeon consultation with another doctor, which performed a knee manipulation surgery. Now, continue daily physical treatments with results, still having pain and lack of knee movements. Do I have a law case and rights to pain and suffering, emotional distress and lost of wage case?


In general, in New York medical malpractice is defined as when a physician breaches, or violates, the standard of care, which then results in injury to a patient. In this circumstance we would need to discuss with you further the circumstances of your injury and review the medical notes. Give us a call and let's discuss your injury and care in detail. Thank you, Paul Ajlouny New York Med Mal Attorney. 1-800-535-5029.

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