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Son Rear-ended In Car Accident

From: Robert
Category: Rear End Car Accident


My son was rear-ended and the other driver claimed my son caused the car accident. Could my son be at fault?

Re: Son Rear-ended In Car Accident


In a typical rear-end accident, driver #1 is stopped when driver #2 hits his car from behind. Some states assume driver #2 is at fault, but even so, driver #2 may argue against that presumption of fault. For example, driver #2 may argue that driver #1 stopped so suddenly it was impossible not to hit him. If so, liability may be split between the drivers, for example, driver #2 may be 70% at fault (comparatively negligent) with driver #1 30% at fault. If you are driver #2 and believe the driver in front was partially responsible for the accident, consult with an experienced auto accident attorney

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