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Deductible Paid By At Fault Driver?

From: Charles
Category: car accident


My question is simple. I was involved in a car accident in NY. Parked at a stop sign in NYC and another driver pulled out of his parking spot directly into my passenger side door. I still have all the info including the police report where he admitted that he was at fault 100%. I have had my insurance company trying to obtain my $500 deductible but has now been unable to. Could I go after this person for my deductible? Thank you for all your advice. Answer: Charles To answer this question I would need to ask some questions. Were you injured in the accident? How bad was the damage to your car? In circumstances like this if there was no injury and very little damages you just need to have your insurance company handle this. Otherwise, if the car is totaled consider a property damage attorney. Hope this helps. Paul Ajlouny, New York Personal Injury Attorney.

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