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Airline Accident

  Aviation Accident Lawyer | Airplane Crash Lawyers


Aviation Accident Lawyer | Airplane Crash Lawyers
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Aviation Accident Lawyer | Airplane Crash Lawyers


Ajlouny Injury Law represents victims of accidents on planes, commercial and private aircraft and helicopters included.

Ajlouny Injury Law NY plane crash attorneys can help you in the events of an airline accident. If you have lost a family member in an aviation accident contact our law office and seek counsel to explain your rights.

Airline plane crashes, whether private planes, commercial jetliners, commuter planes and helicopters can be fatal. claims. We'll take your call right now to explain your rights and advise on how to proceed with your case.

Our law firm understands aviation non-compliance of FAA rules and regulations. We seek restitution for victims involved in an in-flight accident resulting in injury from pilot or flight crew negligence, faulty equipment or air traffic controller error.

Ajlouny Injury Law negotiates airline crashes and personal injury claims. We represent victims of airline accidents resulting from engine failures, controlled flight into terrain, approach and landing, loss of control, runway incursions and weather (including turbulence).

Legally Dr. David Dao  had a ?strong? case for the courts.  The airline had ?no right? to remove Dr. Dao

Attacked By Flight Crew or Airline Employee? Lets not forget Dr. David Dao who was violently removed from a united flight on April 9th.

Dr. Dao suffered emotional distress; a damaged reputation potential consequences to his patients; consequential damages for any work loss; emotional and psychological damage to Dao and his family.

The airlines should provide passengers information about their rights but they don't. The traveling public will not be informed at the most critical times. All four of the largest airlines ? American, Delta, Southwest and United ? have contracts of carriage with similar provisions that allow for denial of boarding to passengers:
  • Barefoot or not properly clothed
  • Offensive odor; smelling bad
  • Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs affecting other passengers
  • who are unable to sit in a single seat with the seat belt properly secured or are unable to put down armrests between seats for an entire flight.

Can You Sue an Airline After A Mishap?

However as passengers you do have rights. Ajlouny Injury Law protects those rights! If you have been dragged off a plane, physically manhandled, treated in an abusive nature We can advise you for FREE: 718-233-3013