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Ajlouny Injury Law Astoria personal injury lawyers in Queens, NY offer legal advice & services designed to serve injured accident victims. Our mission is to ensure that our clients recover fully from serious injury, and live healthy, productive lives in the aftermath of an accident.

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Has a loved one been injured or killed in a car accident? Your family may seek compensation from negligent parties responsible for the accident.

In an accident case, trust between the client and attorney are crucial. Our accident attorneys understand that delay in filing an accident claim can affect your rights in your personal injury matters. Our law firm works for you the victim and seeks just compensation on your behalf for lost wages, medical care and pain and suffering.

Our law firm has seen personal injury cases go terribly wrong for victims of car accidents. They will call our office in desperation after they have signed insurance paperwork or settled for a small amount that will not cover all of their medical bills. Medical care including physical therapy and rehabilitation is expensive. After a car accident, depending on the severity of your injuries, working and earning a living is next to impossible.

No need to stress, our attorneys offer their exceptional representation to those who have been injured in:
We have successfully won over 99% of our cases: including millions for accident victims and their family members. Ajlouny Injury Law is rated among the top NY / Queens / Astoria personal injury firms. Consider yourself in good hands.

Hiring our law firm will guarantee you receive the attention required to get monetary compensation for your injury case. We fight for your rights. We take the bull by the horns when negotiating with insurance companies and other lawyers.

You can talk to any one of our attorneys at the firm within minutes of your call or email. The objective is to help our clients with medical bills, and other bills ASAP once hired. Most importantly We only win if our clients win. We are in it to win it for our clients.