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If you've been seriously injured in a traffic accident in the state of New York, whether it is a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, commercial vehicle accident, rear end accident involving serious injury, you need to follow basic accident tips and procedures.

  1. I was in a traffic accident what now?
    There are necessary steps you should take immediately following a traffic accident. Here are some hints that can be used later as evidence in a personal injury case. 7 Steps to Take After a Fender Bender.
  2. Your own insurance company should be contacted.
    No mater who is at fault, it is important to call your own insurance company and report any accident that you were involved in. Alerts them to your injuries or property damage. Insurance Company Links
  3. Personal injury attorney protects your rights.
    The right attorney will deal with unscrupulous insurance adjusters in ensuring you receive the best legal representation and compensation for your injuries. Ajlouny Injury Law New York Injury Law Firm.
  4. Seek immediate medical attention
    If you were injured in a traffic accident, it is important to take that ambulance ride in order to ensure that nothing is broken and there is no bleeding. Auto accident can leave a victim confused. The natural adrenaline in an individuals body has peaked and the heart rate is elevated.

    Victims are physically shaken and unaware of any injuries often times not recognizing that they may be injured due to the adrenaline flow natural way protecting us from pain. Visiting a physician is also evidence of injury and confirms compensation for your injuries. NY Metro - New York City Hospitals
  5. Get that police report.
    Make sure you call the police in the events of an accident. Police reports usually include details of damages and injuries involved. You need all the evidence available to you to ensure a successful personal injury claim. NYPD record Inquiries.

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