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New York pedestrian accident attorney

  pedestrian attorney New York NY

Pedestrian accident attorney New York NY
pedestrian accident attorney New York NY

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New York Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers


Have you been struck by a moving vehicle in New York? Ajlouny Injury Law, New York pedestrian injury lawyers offer FREE ADVICE.  Call 718-233-3913 so that we may protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

We represent innocent pedestrians hit by a car, truck, Uber, Taxi Cab, bus or limo in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, & Long Island, NY.
Reports indicate that 18 people killed by motorists while walking or biking through February, and 2,237 injured, compared to 19 deaths and 2,318 injuries through February 2017. Across NYC city, 887 pedestrians and 178 cyclists were reported hurt in collisions with motor vehicles.

Studies have shown that Kings County, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens have the highest number of pedestrian fatalities last year, when 144 people were killed in collisions with cars, according to Mean Streets 2014. Pedestrians were killed while crossing the street, struck by an MTA bus, killed while crossing an expressway, or a car jumping the curb.

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We represent pedestrians fatally struck in car crashes, as well as family members of victims in wrongful death pedestrian accidents. Speak to a New York accident injury attorney --  the advice is FREE: 800-535-5029.

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NYC Drivers Injured 1,250 Pedestrians and Cyclists in May, and Killed Seven. Through the first five months of 2017, City Hall reported 46 pedestrians and cyclists killed by NYC motorists, and 5,577 injured, compared to 56 deaths and 5,928 injuries in the first five months of 2016.
Ten people died in New York City traffic in May, and 4,888 were injured, according to City Hall?s Vision Zero View crash data map. City Hall reported 46 pedestrians and cyclists killed by city motorists through May, and 5,577 injured, compared to 56 deaths and 5,928 injuries in the first five months of 2016.

Three motor vehicle occupants died in the city in May, according to City Hall, and 3,638 were injured. Citywide 857 pedestrians and 393 cyclists were reported hurt in collisions with motor vehicles.

After a pedestrian accident in NYC boroughs, you will need an aggressive attorney protecting your rights. We offer FREE ADVICE. Speak to one of our personal injury lawyers ASAP.  Contact us today or call 718-2333913.

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