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Slip and Fall

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Landlords, property managers, building owners are required under New York law to ensure that the property is safe for all and anyone. If you've been injured on someone else's property from negligent hazardous conditions, Call 718-233-3913 now for free advice!

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Slip/Trip & Fall Cases

  • Hazard lighting
  • Uneven stairs
  • Slippery floors
  • Cracked floors
  • Faulty handrails
  • Defective ramps
  • Sidewalk defects
  • Potholes ...

The rule of thumb in premises liability cases, the injured party has the burden of proof. They have to show that the property owner has knowledge of the defect on their property and failed to do anything about it.

Who is responsible for your fall? Property owners or their employees must have caused hazardous dangerous conditions leading to the accident. The owner or an employee of the premises must of had knowledge before hand of the hazardous condition and must correct the situation in a timely manner. Property owners are required to repair faulty stairs and floors and warn anyone accessible to the property of the dangers.

Slipping on wet flooring can cause severe injuries. Anyone who has slipped or fallen on a property should immediately seek medical attention.  The second step is to contact the owner and get a copy of any accident report regarding the fall.

Pictures and any medical records pertaining to your injury will help your case. our attorneys will investigate with your help, your notes, your pictures. Injuries occur daily from falling down stairs that are not properly maintained.

Our personal injury law firm has successfully represented thousands of accident victims in serious and catastrophic injury cases. Falling down stairs, falling from a balcony, faulty handrails, wet floors, or uneven surfaces can cause serious injury.

Consult with experienced NYC personal injury attorney serving, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, Queens, and Long Island by calling: 800-535-5029.
Our law firm only manages Personal Injury litigation ensuring the best possible focused legal services. When you have a serious personal injury, our attorneys take into account your physical injuries, mental state of mind, lost wages, recovery and rehabilitation. At Ajlouny Injury law Law Offices, we know that your future depends on us. Lean on us and feel secure knowing that your medical and financial needs you incur from your serious personal injury will be taken care of.

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