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Slipped At A Mall - Premises Liability Lawyer

SLIP AND FALL IN A MALL  RESULTS IN $1,550,000 SETTLEMENT The roof leaking in this case resulted in a puddle causing the victim to slip and fall. The victim suffered soft tissue injury and instability to his knee requiring surgical intervention. Are you looking to Sue a retailer for injuries you received in a fall on its premises. We will review your slip and fall claim to determine if you have a legitimate case.

Slip and falls can leave a victim with serious injury. Its is the responsibility of the mall  owner and management company to ensure the following:

  • Maintain a possible dangerous condition
  • Inspect a property for dangerous conditions
  • Meet standards of good safety practice
  • Adequately train and supervise employees
  • Adequately inspect the premises
  • Act with reasonable foresight and prudence
  • Heed the obvious
  • Warn the general public of the hazard
Our personal injury law firm will pursue compensation for your pain and suffering, mental anguish, grief, medical bills, long-term treatment, loss of enjoyment, mental stability, and lost wages.

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