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Ajlouny Injury Law, New York Car accident lawyers in New York have for 30+ years successfully settled personal injury claims, winning millions for clients. Our firm represents serious injury automobile accident, bicycle accident, shuttle, MTA NYC bus crash, tractor-trailer collisions, slip, fall and wrongful death claims. Ajlouny Injury Law, NY injury accident attorneys, have convenient locations throughout New York city, Manhattan (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens  and Long Island to serve you.

In a New York minute you find yourself INJURED in a car crash due to driver negligence. Call now to discuss your case FREE with experienced New York personal injury lawyers: 1-800-535-5029 24 hours all day, all night.

Ajlouny Injury Law New York city attorneys fight to protect your rights. If you've suffer injuries (broken bones, fractures, head trauma, whiplash) the lawyers at Ajlouny Injury Law will pursue compensation from the at fault parties.

Please Note* Never give recorded statements to an insurance company; consult with an attorney first. Insurance adjusters may use unscrupulous tactics to avoid paying an injury claim. They pressure injured claimants into excepting little to no money for their injuries. Admit NO Guilt! Say NO to the "Personal Injury Settlement Releases".

Injured in a rear-end collision, or vehicle rollover? These injuries may require long-term recovery time. In our experience as New York injury attorneys, accident victims struggle both psychologically and physically.

The last thing an accident victim needs to worry about is the legalities that arise during injury rehabilitation. The recovery process may take time. In that time, Ajlouny Injury Law, New York City lawyers have got your back, protecting you, giving you peace of mind to heal.

Whether you're the injured driver, injured passenger or pedestrian struck by a moving vehicle, hire the best car accident lawyers in New York City to protect your rights.

Whiplash, neck, back pain from spine injury, can occur after a car accident, taxi accident, or limo crash. Ajlouny Injury Law pursues compensation for lost wages, medical bills, physical therapy rehabilitation and pain and suffering.
Our law firm only handles Personal Injury litigation ensuring the best possible focused legal services. When you have a serious personal injury, our attorneys take into account your physical injuries, mental state of mind, lost wages, recovery and rehabilitaion. At Ajlouny Injury law Law Offices, we know that your future depends on us. Lean on us and feel secure knowing that your medical and financial needs you incur from your serious personal injury will be taken care of.

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We come to the hospital or your home if you are unable to travel. Contact our law office today: 1-800-535-5029!

Ajlouny Injury Law NYC Injury Lawyers understand New York State no-fault car insurance laws. Find out how you are covered up to $50,000 no matter who's at fault Contact Us Call (800) 535-5029 for more information.

If someone you love died due to another persons negligence, you have the right to recover compensation. Our lawyers will help you file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible. We settle cases before trial.

Important Unknown Facts:

  1. Obtain police report.
  2. Start physical therapy ASAP.
  3. If anyone calls to discuss your accident, tell them these three words, "CALL MY LAWYER!".
  4. Pay nothing! You will never, ever, ever see a bill from us unless we WIN your case: 1-800-535-5029

New York Statute of Limitations - File Now!

You should contact an injury lawyer in New York as soon as possible. There is a Statute of Limitations in New York, in which you can legally submit a claim for injuries. In the state of New York, the standard statute of limitations for filing a Personal Injury case is 3 years, according to N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 214(5). For a Wrongful Death claim, it is 2 years, according to N.Y. E.P.T.L. § 5-4.1. Slip and fall 3 years from date of accident N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 214(5). Car accidents 3 years from date of accident N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 214(4);.

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